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八年级英语上册知识点(Unit 11)

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摘要: Unit 11 Could you please clean your room? 词组 1. could you please…你能……吗?/请你干…….好吗? 2. do the dishes 洗餐具 3. sweep the floor清扫地板

Unit 11 Could you please clean your room?


1. could you please…你能……吗?/请你干…….好吗?

2. do the dishes 洗餐具

3. sweep the floor清扫地板                        

4. take out the trash倒垃圾

5. make one’s bed铺床                             

6. fold one’s clothes叠衣服

7. clean the living room 清扫客厅                  

8. stay out late晚归

9. his father’s reason他父亲的理由               

10. get a ride搭车

11. use one’s computer 使用某人的电脑                        

12. hate sth./to do sth.讨厌某事/做某事

13. do the laundry=do some washing=wash clothes洗衣服

14. make breakfast, make dinner, do some cooking 做饭

15. wash the car刷车16. work on 从事,忙于

17. work at学习、致力于、在……上下工夫          

18. borrow some money借一些钱

19. invite sb. to do sth邀请某人做某事            

20. go to the store去商店

21.agree sb. to do sth.同意某人做某事

22. agree with sb. =agree with what one says同意某人的意见

23.(需了解) make a deal作成交易

make a face做鬼脸;

make a fool of捉弄,使出洋相

make friends with……交朋友

make a name for himself成名

make a note of注意,记下来

make free with擅自使用

make fun of取笑


make it成功,到达某处

make one’s living维持生活

make one’s way to前往某处

make room腾出地方

make up编造

make use of利用

24. borrow sth. from sb.向某人借某物(借入)

25. lend sb. sth.=lend sth. to sb.借给某人某物(借出)

26.ask for要求得到、要求见到

27. take care of = look after照顾、照看、照料

take good care of=look after…well

28. need some help需要一些帮助           

29. come over过来

30. get angry生气    

31. have a test考试       

32. make a clean sweep of 彻底扫除

Section A


1.       ---Could you please take out the trash ? 你能把垃圾倒掉吗?

--- sure . 当然可以。


 (1) could表示请求,语气委婉,显得有礼貌。
  eg. Could you please clean your room ?
肯定回答:Yes , I can . / Yes , sure / Yes , of course . 是的,我可以。
否定回答:Sorry , I cant . I have to do my homework .
另外Would you mind doing sth .也可表示请求。
  eg . Would you mind cleaning your room ? 
      No , I'd like to .

(2) could表示请求许可,希望得到允许。
  eg . Could I (please) go to the movies ?   
肯定回答:Yes , you can . / Yes , sure . 当然可以。
否定回答:No , you can't .不,不行。
 (3) could
  eg. Can you tell us your story , Tony ?   Tony
   eg. Could you tell us if it snows in winter in Australia ?
      Sure .

 take out:意思是“取出、拿出”。这是一个动副词词组。名词放在out前或后都可以,但代词必须放在takeout中间。e.g.

  These apples went bad, please take them out. 这些苹果坏了,请拿出去。

  He took out his food and began to eat. 他拿出食物,吃了起来。

 2. I hate to do chores. 我讨厌做家务。

hate 作动词,意为讨厌,憎恨,不喜欢,后面可跟名词、动词不定式to do 及动词-ing 形式作宾语,通常不用于进行时态。

[链接] hate 的反义词为lovelove的用法与hate 相同,后面也跟名词、动词不定式to do 及动词-ing 形式作宾语。

3.       Do you like to do the laundry?  你喜欢洗衣服吗?

I like to make breakfast. 我喜欢做早饭。


make a cake 做蛋糕 make a face 做鬼脸  make the bed 铺床

   do exercise 做运动  do the dishes 洗餐具  do some shopping 买东西   so some washing 洗衣服


1. Could you please     (do) it again?

 [解析] 答案:do。本题考查could you (I) please + 动词原形结构。

2.---Could you help me take it to the classroom?

--- _________.

A. Yes, I could.    B. No, I couldn’t.   C. Sorry, but yes.   D. Sorry, I can’t.  

[解析] 答案:D。本题主要考察could 提问时,否定回答用can’t,而不是用couldn’t.

 3.--- Could I borrow your car?

  ---- Sorry, ______ I need it. I ________ go to a meeting.

A. but, have to    B. and, have to    C. or, need     D. /, needn’t

[解析] 答案:A。本题考查sorry, but固定搭配,这是英语习惯用法,but不翻译。

4. Peter doesn’t like to stay at home. He likes     (be) outside.

[解析] 答案:to be. 本题考查like to do sth. 喜欢做某事。like 后跟动词原形,be动词的原形仍然是be.

5.That boy hates     (swim).

 [解析]答案:swimming to swim.本题主要考察hate to dohate doing 结构。

Section B


1. Could I invite my friends to a party?  我可以邀请我的朋友们来聚会吗?

--- No, you can’t.                  不,不可以。

   invite 邀请。常用在两个结构中:invite sb. to sth.(some place) 邀请某人到某地;invite sb. to do sth. 邀请某人做某事。e.g

  He invited his pen pal to China. 他邀请他的笔友到中国来。

  Who invited you to climb the mountain? 谁邀请你们爬山的?

2.borrow some money 借一些钱

  borrow   vt. 借入;借来   May I borrow your dictionary?

   [相关搭配] borrow sth. from       borrow trouble 自找麻烦

   [辨析] borrow, lend, keep

    borrow: borrow sth. from sb. 从某人那里借

    lend: lend sth. to sb.        把某物借给某人

    keep: 本意为“保存,保留”,引申为“借用”,用于表示借用的时间长度,是延续性动词,可以和表示一段的时间状语连用。


   How long can I borrow this book? ()

    How long can I keep this book?  ()

3. Thanks for taking care of my dog.

  take care of  短语动词,意为“照顾、照看、照料”,相当于look aftere.g.

  My mother takes good care of my dog every day.


  I can’t go to school today. I have to take care of my mother at home.


4. Mine is at home. 我的在家里。


  Your backpack is here, mine is over there. 你的书包在这里,我的在那里

  Your skin is lighter than mine.  你的皮肤比我的亮。

  She is an old friend of mine.  她是我的一个老朋友。

  Whose bag is this? It’s mine.   这是谁的包?我的。

辨析:my, 我的,I的所有格,形容词性物主代词,修饰名词。

e.g my parents/ my feet/ my jacket   我的父母/ 我的脚/我的夹克衫

 It wasn’t my fault, I promise.  这不是我的错,我发誓。


 1. --- Are the physic problems difficult?

 --- Yes. Very few students could ________.

A.     work on them    B. work it out    C. work on it    D. work them out

[解析]答案 D。本题主要考察短语动词的含义。work on 致力于、从事;work out 算出。根据题意“这些物理题难吗? 是的,很少有学生能算出来。”可知,应该用them来代替第一句中的physic problems

2. --- Can I _____ this book?

  --- Yes, but you mustn’t ____ it to others.

  A. lend, borrow    B. borrow, keep    C. borrow, lend    D. lend, keep  


3.--- How long may I _____ this book?

--- No more than three weeks.

A. borrow     B. keep     C. lend       D. had  

[解析] 答案 B。本题主要考察how long 与延续性动词的搭配。borrow, 借入,非延续性动词。keep,借,延续性动词;lend,借出,非延续性动词;have, 买,延续性动词。根据题意“这本书我能借多久?不超过三个星期。”,选keep

4. I found an old toy of _______ under the bed.

 A. me   B. my    C. mine    D. I

[解析] 答案 C。本题主要考察代词的用法。me,我,宾格,在句子中做宾语。my,我的,形容词性物主代词,后面加名词。mine,我的,名词性物主代词,单独使用,后面不能加名词。I,我,主格,在句子中做主语。根据句意“我在床底下找到了我的一个旧玩具”,此处mine相当于my toys.



1. Could I     () your new storybook, John?

2. You can      (邀请) your good friends for the dinner.

3. Students shouldn’t take      (小吃) to the class.

4. Please help me      (喂养) my birds on the weekend.

5. Ann, take good      (照顾) of your little sister.

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